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Ioannis Nasioulas is Scientific Director of the Social Economy Institute, located in Thessaloniki, GREECE. He obtained his Doctorate Diploma in Sociology by the University of the Aegean. He is member of the GECES, European Commission Group of Experts on Social Entrepreneurship, which forms part of the Social Business Initiative launched by the European Commission. He is member of the GECES Sub Group on “Social Impact Measurement”, which develops a EU-wide methodology for the identification and monitoring of the Social Economy and social enterprises. Ioannis Nasioulas is a Country Partner of Social Innovation Europe, and Associate Member of the EUCLID Network. He has also contributed as National Correspondent of the European Commission / CIRIEC Study: “Social Economy in the European Union”. He is Researcher Associate at the “Ergaxia” Sociology of Work Academic Laboratory, and the Social and Political Institutions Academic Laboratory, at the Sociology Department, University of the Aegean, Greece. He is member to the INSNA (International Network for Social Networks Analysis), ISA (International Sociological Association) – Research Committee 26 on Sociotechnics and Sociological Practice, ESA (European Sociological Association. Dr. Ioannis Nasioulas has published various books, reports and articles regarding social economy, social enterprises, legislation, national-accounting, evaluation and policy development.  Contact: ioannisnasioulas@gmail.com
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