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Joachim K.H.W. Schmidt, presently living in Berlin/FRG. Study of Law, Philosophy, and Sociology at Munich/Fribourg/ Goettingen/Cologne; Research stays in USA at Center for Ecumenical and Cultural Research/MN as well as UCB/CA (Survey Research Center / Center for Law & Society); specialized in the field on Sociotechnics; management of ISA RC 26 on Sociotechnics for ca. 20 years as Secretary and Newsletter editor, co-founder, still active as Board Member,  presently serving as Vice-President. Society of Empirical Jurisprudence and Architecture of Society; accredited Commissioner for Justice and Social Relations, OIJD/OIJD. My special focus is the substitution of 2500 years old traditioned Greek analogical Thought of Being by Third Millenium digital Thinking in Relations (paradigm shift) in various academic disciplines; replacement of homo oeconomicus by homo communicans, corporatismus by co-operativismus. legal positivism by practizing free-law, as well as present state oriented Keynesian main stream economics by an economics based on autonomous  humans: in general: institutional renewal of decaying Western societies. Publications within the realm of an information based General Theory of Design. Contact: jkhws@aol.com / +49 172 434 0774 / +49 30 679 66 081 / Fx +49 30 679 66 082   ochstädter St. 4, D-13347 Berlin
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