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@ Svetlana Sharonova is professor of chair “General sociology” at Faculty of social sciences of St.-Tikhon’s Orthodox University since 2009, previously she has been the dean on UMO, and the head of the laboratory of Sociological faculty of the Moscow State University (2007-2009).  She is the federal expert of quality of professional education of Guild of Experts in the sphere of professional education, a member RS-04 and RS-26 ISA, a member Russian society of sociologists.  She has more than 90 publications, among them: two monographs and manuals: Functional kernel and mental characteristics – universal constants of institute of education. Monograph. – M, RUDN, 2004;  Universal constants of institute of education – the mechanism of reproduction of society.  The monograph – M:  RUDN, 2004. Business game. Manual. – M: RUDN publishing house, 2004.; Business games: Practical work. – M: RUDN publishing house, 2005.; Education sociology. Manual. – M: PSTGU, 2011.; and Social technologies: business games. Manual. – M: PSTGU, 2010. She has participated in quality of the performer and the expert in the more than 12 grants, the last of them are: “Creation of scientifically reasonable techniques of distribution of test (credit) units in forms of educational and educational and methodical work” – Ministry of education and science RF, 2010; and “Development of scientific and methodical providing system of active and interactive forms of education and recommendations about application of innovative educational technologies about the VPO humanitarian directions (“Philology”, “Philosophy”, “Sociology” and “Cultural science”)” – Ministry of education and science RF, 2010.  Her scientific interests are: education sociology, sociocultural dynamics of society, matrix sociological researches.  Contact:  s_sharonoa@hotmail.com
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